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With no work booked until the 12th Sept, for a corporate sports day & presentation evening, It’s been a nice week of doing very little on the photographic front. It would also seem that we are back to Uni on the 15th and not the 22nd Sept as we had previously been informed. This won’t happen for me as I have a 1st Birthday Cake Smash booked for 11am on the 15th. The communication between HSAD, it’s clearing office and students has been appalling as usual. We had this in year 1 and 2 with apologies on both occasions that it was unique yet it continues with all courses year in, year out. As a business it would be bankrupt by now as people would simply choose another business to buy from. Typically within education there is no other local alternative so they are allowed to just bungle along. 

With my weeks break in mind and not wanting to leave the blog too long I have a couple of images from the Freedom Festival this weekend. Couldn’t get there on Friday because of family reasons & the persistent rain on Saturday made my mind up not to visit then. Sunday however was dry and sunny so off for the closing parade we went.

Had a good mooch about, tried some of the various foods available, listened to some good live music and then, along with 1000’s of others, waited for the final parade to arrive.

The parade arrived on time and then stopped whilst a steel drum band did some kind of solo act on the main stage. This left the parade strung out all the way back towards The Deep. The drum troupe then finished and without warning the paint throwing began. This was billed as a mass of colour and excitement yet the 100 individuals chosen to take part had been penned into some barriers, barely noticeable, and so the 15-20 seconds it took for them to actually throw the powder was missed by many and almost myself too.

Some 20 minutes later things were still congested, barely moving with event staff looking bemused at the sheer volume of public within the area. I had a friend taking part in the parade and she was still stuck, with her display team and many other parade groups, well back from the main area. She messaged me about an hour later to declare they had finally got round but sadly we had already left along with a swathe of disappointed public.

Anyway a few from the afternoon. An image taken down Humber Street showing the volume of visitors, one of the kids eating some funky doughnut mix dipped in chocolate, a couple of the paint throwing and the obligatory one of the wife. The place was packed from the moment we arrived which shows how superbly popular the festival has become. Sadly ignorant people blocking the roads and parade getting their phone snaps appeared to spoil the finale. 


Diabetes in a cup.


A packed Humber Street.


The alleged 100 people throwing paint powder. Blinked and you missed it. To the rear you can just make out the front of the big finale parade.


 Appears some of them had fun though.


 And the wife in full party mode. I know she reads this so Ha Ha Lisa 😉



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