Busy Few Days

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Been nice and busy shooting a fashion collection over the last couple of days. Worked with the designer before and she required some additional items shooting with existing garments, some altered garments and some completely new garments. There was also a new accessories range to go with these garments. The fact that the model had taken the time to manicure her nails properly made the images associated with her hands so much more professional. So many times I have shot so called models who spend hours applying facial makeup only to have neglected nails that look like they have seen a week of bricklaying before arriving at the studio.

The designer brought a lovely model with her who was most accommodating, polite and who also listened to my direction. There really isn’t anything worse than having a ‘model’ who thinks they know it all when quite clearly they don’t.

I have previously shot the wedding outfits so nice to see those again to add the new ancillary products.

I was however shocked to find what prices were being charged by studios in Leeds for the same style of shoot. Now either I seriously undervalue my time or certain ‘fashion’ studios are blatantly taking advantage of young models wishing to, potentially, become models.

_MGL6885 web


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