Fun work.

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

I had the delight of being the photographer of choice for the grand opening of a new local gymnastics complex in Hull this week. I have worked with these people on a number of occasions in different arenas and sports halls in the area and it’s nice that they now have somewhere called home. Partly funded by a British Gymnastics grant the new facility contains every discipline of equipment required for competitive gymnastics.

A full show, of disciplines, including demonstrations from 3-5 year olds through to the seniors were presented to a very receptive gathering of sponsors and family.

I’ll just pop the one image up from the evening which was taken at the end of the displays. This group image, requested by the HDM reporter who couldn’t stay, never got used as they went with a naff image from the warmup. Major disappointment for the clubs involved as lots of youngsters expecting to be in the paper.

One positive, as a photographer who will be working here, is that they have huge sky lights in the ceiling. Oodles of daylight supplemented with artificial spotlights means high 640th+ shutter speed with low ISO’s (100-1000) and f/2.8 being the stop of choice to isolate the background. Whilst I can clearly see the image difference it’s such a shame parents don’t tend to.

So here are all those involved in the evening from kids to coaches to sponsors and parents.



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