A strange email…

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

…asking me to cover an event for a club I worked with previously, followed by a rant email.

Did a few events for these people in Sheffield last year, with rave reviews, only to have them decide to choose a “photographer” parent who’s child attended the club to do their photography. Not the first club this has happened at, with us, though we quickly got a couple of those back after the amateurs realised just how much work goes into covering such an event.

I should have seen it coming with all the questions he had been asking at the events. Whilst I will not give out specific settings, for obvious reasons, I had discussed framing and acceptable angles with children etc. The next thing I know he’s their photographer of choice even though he would be printing with an inkjet at the events compared to the Die Sub Printer we use. Oh well live and learn.

Yesterday I had an email asking if I would please consider covering a prestige event for them, with sponsors and fundraisers in attendance. Text including “Your superior images and prints reflect the same high quality and standards the club wishes to promote at the event” and “Your ability to communicate effectively with the club staff, parents & children” made me smile and after some thought I agreed. Booking and fee confirmed i thought that was it………………..but oh no.

Within my work emails today sat the title “Stealing business” which upon opening I found to be from their regular “photographer”. By all accounts the only reason I can take a good image is because I can afford professional gear which makes photographers like him look bad in comparison. Also as he’s on benefits this gives me an unfair advantage in his eyes as I can also afford peripheral items such as a website to promote my work so the comment “you must be middle class” made me chuckle. Apparently I should stay in the Hull area and leave Sheffield alone.

My polite, yes polite, reply thanked him for his roundabout way in confirming the clubs thoughts that my business provided a superior service and that all my hard work in developing it was being recognised by others.

Oh I also cc’d in the club secretary with my reply which included his initial rant…..Ooops.

I’d like to think this is my first and last example of disgruntled competitors but I seem to think it may not be.


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