Uni Web Site Closed Down.

Posted: August 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Created for the Web Site Module, and though it got me a merit, was a complete waste of time. We were not allowed to use our working names but rather our actual names as the sites address. This meant changing all the signatures on the images, in my case over 60, and after all the effort left me with nothing of use whatsoever. Most annoying that putting so much effort into something that could have been used, post module, was effectively defunct from it’s inception.

I find it utterly amazing how narrow minded, so called, leaders of degree level courses can be. Our module tutor actually argued that all photographers use their own names as branding and would not entertain the thought that we actually operate differently to his thinking. Of course any complaint was beaten down by the hierarchy as non of the teaching staff are ever wrong and I mean never ever wrong……..even when they are. It’s like learning within the old style 50’s & 60’s working culture and they are the all powerful union bosses. Complain and it’s just swept away in corporate bullshit as they can’t deal with any negativity, regardless of it’s severity. Imagine Orwell’s 1984 mixed with education and you might just grab how it runs as a typical public entity. As a private business it would be long gone and forgotten about, being just another business failure where it’s leaders failed to listen to customers yet happily got paid every month. Not an ounce of business sense between them and certainly very little common sense either.

A new course leader, for my final year, gives me a feint hope that I won’t be wasting a £6k+ tuition loan watching Youtube videos as we did this year. Yup, not one actual piece of tuition from our tutor other than watching Youtube video’s. He never even had us take an image during a tutorial, never sent us out or discussed taking images. It’s no wonder that past students, of HSAD, fall by the wayside, as photographers, as they may leave knowing how to discuss the denotations and connotations of an image or name several high profile photographers yet can’t set a camera in ‘M’ for a wedding image. A table, published by a national newspaper, showed that ex HSAD LBPM students had one of the highest failure rates as professional within the first 3 years of leaving.   Other module tutors actually taught us with books and verbal communication which was most refreshing. Quite frankly we could have all signed up for a distance learning course for £300, still watched Youtube video’s and saved a fortune. Amazing how people complained via social media yet only a couple of us dared to challenge directly because everyone knows you’ll be marked down, subtlety but non the less marked down.

Wow site closure to minor soap box moment.




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