What we see…

Posted: August 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I saw something today which was, without doubt, grotesque and disgusting. What some people think is acceptable behaviour in public doesn’t really shock me anymore. What gives these louts the impression that it is acceptable and why do certain elements of society feel it is their right to simply shock for shock sake. It made me think of what we see through our lifetime and what we choose to share as memories and then what we choose to lock away and forget.

This image is of my 8 year old daughters eye. An eye of innocence and beauty which is shielded, where possible, from the horrors that sometimes present themselves to us. I sat talking to her about what she has so far achieved and seen in life with all of her replies being innocent.

I asked if I could take an image of her eye and, as always, she jumped at the chance to get into the studio.

‘An innocent eye’



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