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A previous customer wished to return with her daughter and father, 83, for a sensible ‘generations’ shoot as she had no “quality” family photo’s with the three of them. The previous shoot had involved the ‘other side’ of the family and with Dad not too good on his feet he had declined to attend whilst so many people were around.

I have a lovely sensible chair but that was about the only sensible thing in the studio. I had them pose in an expected formal manner for a trio shoot and was just about done when the suggestion of a few fun ones was made. Starting with jazz hands, adding funky glasses, party hats and hooters the shoot slid into hysterical chaos and what only could be described, in the clients words as “A perfect memory”.

The image below was only using the first set of glasses so you can probably tell where it went. The client posted this on FB and kindly said I could use it also. The whole set have been sorted out into a lovely order of sequence, 36 selected, and placed into a 6×6 set of images within a bespoke frame and mount.

Remember you’re never too old to smile and enjoy yourself.


Busy Few Days

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Been nice and busy shooting a fashion collection over the last couple of days. Worked with the designer before and she required some additional items shooting with existing garments, some altered garments and some completely new garments. There was also a new accessories range to go with these garments. The fact that the model had taken the time to manicure her nails properly made the images associated with her hands so much more professional. So many times I have shot so called models who spend hours applying facial makeup only to have neglected nails that look like they have seen a week of bricklaying before arriving at the studio.

The designer brought a lovely model with her who was most accommodating, polite and who also listened to my direction. There really isn’t anything worse than having a ‘model’ who thinks they know it all when quite clearly they don’t.

I have previously shot the wedding outfits so nice to see those again to add the new ancillary products.

I was however shocked to find what prices were being charged by studios in Leeds for the same style of shoot. Now either I seriously undervalue my time or certain ‘fashion’ studios are blatantly taking advantage of young models wishing to, potentially, become models.

_MGL6885 web

Fun work.

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I had the delight of being the photographer of choice for the grand opening of a new local gymnastics complex in Hull this week. I have worked with these people on a number of occasions in different arenas and sports halls in the area and it’s nice that they now have somewhere called home. Partly funded by a British Gymnastics grant the new facility contains every discipline of equipment required for competitive gymnastics.

A full show, of disciplines, including demonstrations from 3-5 year olds through to the seniors were presented to a very receptive gathering of sponsors and family.

I’ll just pop the one image up from the evening which was taken at the end of the displays. This group image, requested by the HDM reporter who couldn’t stay, never got used as they went with a naff image from the warmup. Major disappointment for the clubs involved as lots of youngsters expecting to be in the paper.

One positive, as a photographer who will be working here, is that they have huge sky lights in the ceiling. Oodles of daylight supplemented with artificial spotlights means high 640th+ shutter speed with low ISO’s (100-1000) and f/2.8 being the stop of choice to isolate the background. Whilst I can clearly see the image difference it’s such a shame parents don’t tend to.

So here are all those involved in the evening from kids to coaches to sponsors and parents.


Pottering about in the garden at lunch and found these two snails having, what appeared to be, a bit of a love in. Now, knowing nothing about snails, they could have actually been eating each other but I grabbed the camera and took this image.

Clearly engaged in something slimy and the magnified second image shows some kind of tube/pipe/snout coming from one of them. There are several other snails around the garden yet non have this tube sticking out.

Can’t beat a bit of macro.


And the magic ‘tube’.



My lad was nominated by one of his friends to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today and so he did.

Great fun doing it and so pleased he forgot to nominate me.

Watch the video here – Joshua and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

A still from the video shows not only the look of horror on his face but my determination to ensure plenty ran down his back along with the head soaking.

Josh w

Cheeky Chimp

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One from yesterdays family shoot which just tickled me at the time. She’s a young lady who has recently got a place in a Xmas pantomime for this year. She was having fun pulling faces when her mum suggested giving her stage look and this is what we got. Headband slipping onto her face, again, but non the less the pouty look she thinks stage and screen actors pull for photo’s  is rather funny.


As I would expect all serious photographers do before a shoot I test my equipment. Ordinarily one of my kids are dragged, kicking and screaming, into the studio so I can check settings etc. This accolade is normally undertaken by my 8 year old daughter who likes nothing more than to pull a few poses and faces into my lenses. Today however she is out socialising on her scooter so my wife was duped volunteered into helping me out. 

Like mother like daughter I’d say. Love her though.


A fun day out with the Hull High Fliers Trampoline Clubs second attendance at the Hull Sky Ride event in Hull today. Even the blustery weather failed to dampen the attendance with thousands turning out for yet another fun day in the city centre. Had a good wander about myself, took a few snaps and compiled a montage of images for the HHF website.

For more information on Skyride check out the official page Go Skyride

For the Hull High Fliers see their website at Hull High Fliers

And the montage of their day.


Generous Sax Player

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A musician from across the water came today for a solitary image. All she wanted was a dark background to show off her gold top and saxophone. All too simple but came away with a half dozen variations of this image that she loved, even in camera.

Now we all love paying customers, especially those that pay when they promise to and then there are those who can simply return for another shoot whenever they wish. Why? I hear you ask. Well tonight I will be sampling the contents of a bottle of Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky courtesy of this customer. That wonderful moment when they say “Oh and just a little something as a thanks”. It’s like the perfect tip in levels of gratitude for your work and always makes me smile. A shame it doesn’t happen too often though 😦

Anyway a quick edit to show the style of image she wanted. She is also a classically trained pianist so I’m waiting out for that call now LOL


Branded clothing.

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I’ve just taken our first delivery of bulk branded clothing. Whilst we are, and always have been, smartly dressed at events I felt that promoting the business from any angle was a must. Rather than fielding questions of where things are in strange arenas people can now see that we are the photography team.

We already had the business cards, free standing banner and TV monitors for events so why not branded clothing.

After altering the CPS basic logo, to fit clothing in a far more acceptable way, the order was placed and I’m so happy with the result. The main version of our logo had to be compressed into 100mm to suitably fit onto garments such as the shirts and jackets. At 100mm the stitching was, at best, compact in looks and appeared almost blended in appearance. The manufacturer agreed that my second, rounded, version suited and fitted the garments better and so it was chosen. the round version only covers a max width of 60mm allowing correct spacing of the colour/aperture wheel. Our original version could still be used on some products and so the embroiders have kept that version in their files also.

White formal shirts, coloured event T-Shirts, jackets and a hoodie for the lad are all here. I think it’s pens and stationary next.

This was the mock up of a T-Shirt using the amended logo to see how things looked before ordering.

CPS White Polo