New Business Promotion Stand

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

With our expanding sports event bookings this summer I decided to upgrade our banners. Now moving into the large 2m x .8m size it is my intention to create a series of these pertaining to our main event coverage.

Whilst creating the template is easy the adding of images required a thorough consent process from those used along with parental consent also. This was bad enough using local individuals, whom we know through club coverage, so I have devised an image consent form. If we see an image that we feel could be used on such a platform I will offer a 25% discount on a purchased image in exchange for the image right to be signed away. I may own the copyright etc etc however the vast majority of the subjects in gymnastics are under 16. Whilst the BGA were not overly fussed I think the parents consent makes sense for such items.

So first out of the bag is the trampolining stand. Gymnastics, swimming and general event ones yet to be created.



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