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The now annual Veterans Day, held at East Park in Hull is a fantastic day out for any family. Fairground rides to live ‘Big Band’ music and the amazing war reenactments held within the main arena.This year not only celebrated WW1 & WW2 but also had demonstrations by a Viking actors group followed by Cowboys which were all fun and enlightening. A fly over by the WW2 Memorial Flight and then the Red Arrows were also great to see.

With today, 28th July 2014, marking 100 Years to the day that WW1 started it was great to see so many veterans from WW2 out in their uniforms, as sadly no WW1 veterans remain among us. My children are fully aware of the significance about such events and the sacrifices that many made whilst they enjoyed the event.

Not a bucketload of images as last year but just a few select ones I like from the day.

The WW2 Memorial Flight.


The Red Arrows who simply did a fly past which caught out 99% of the photographers there. Thankfully I was ready having heard their impending arrival over the tannoy system.


The Army’s Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team were superb as always. I am amazed and saddened that such a high profile, world renowned team of military soldiers that bring such a positive vibe about the British Army are actually self funded and receive no funding from HMG. Simply outrageous with the billions of £’s that HMG waste each year.



Single shot of a single shot. Love the heat haze I caught with it too.


The horse troop manoeuvres were superb too.



A great, yet far too short, display from a birds of prey display group.


A random one from the final display. I just love vintage motorcycles.



And the obligatory big bang to end the main arena displays for the day.


A few weeks ago one of my adult image customers asked me for something different to the norm. I had been toying with the idea of creating a series of images showing people naked in both landscape and urban images yet very discretely and only as a small part of a lager image.

My aim is to provoke thought on the what and why connotations of the images. Is the person at one with nature and enjoying life or alone, depressed and possibly thinking of ending life. Being naked leaves us open to elements but able to embrace the world around us fully, so what are the people in the images doing?

I pitched the idea and she accepted it straight away. The first image was completed last week and I gave her the option of two images from the shoot. One was ‘as taken’ and the second had a darkened sky with moon inserted. She preferred the moon image and we also agreed it spoke more and gave more for discussion on the what, why’s and when’s of the image.

So here is the first image as was taken on the day. I wanted to soften the water and so used a long exposure to capture it. The day however, as you can see, was bright sunshine so even with a 10 stop ND filter, a 0.6 ND Grad for the sky and an aperture of f/22 I only had a max exposure time of 25-30 seconds. Still looks nice though.


And the second image which the customer preferred. I have already taken a couple of enquiries, from her friends, about costings as they would like similar images.



Ideas for the next image include a waterfall, river or just rolling hills.

Best work in the world…..

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…… is being paid by the NHS to work with your wife. N. Lincs NHS needed some new service images for their magazine, my wife volunteers herself and when they declare they are stuck for a photographer she volunteers myself.

Half a dozen images of various people looking at a booklet which took nearly 20 mins to complete. Now one job a day like this and I’d be a happy man.

My wife with said booklet and random medicine packet.


Digging about for website images and came across some sets of wire wool experimentation from last year. Great fun doing these and quite fancy doing some more but in odd locations.

The first image was taken with me standing upon an old tractor on Spurn Point before most of it was washed away in the high tides of last year. Long since abandoned and rusted beyond belief my left foot was sinking through the corroded bonnet as I did this which was quite unnerving. It was only when I stopped and realised the cab was on fire that the bonnet issue became a more pressing issue.



This second image was taken at a skate park in Hessle Nr. Hull. The sweeping sides made good for effect with the molten wool. You can see that I am now wearing a full face crash helmet after my woollen hat became scorched in the first shoot. Safety first with this stuff from now on 😉


Mork & Mindy get busy.

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Totally off topic from my photography but sharing the good news that my Clownfish have started laying eggs again. I don’t support the fry when born as costs of raising outweigh the commercial value of the fish. Because of this the fry become natures food for the other fish and plants as 90% do in the wild.

My latest B2B has now come to a conclusion with the baby shoot completed. This was a slightly later start than the others with the mum to be already with a noticeable bump when she first came for her portrait. She’d wanted the process documenting but couldn’t find anyone whom she liked until we met for a chat. The last 6 months are documented beyond her expectations and another happy customer leaves the Cecil Paul Studios with their images. Christening next 😉

An image from the shoot via kind permission of Mum & Dad.



With our expanding sports event bookings this summer I decided to upgrade our banners. Now moving into the large 2m x .8m size it is my intention to create a series of these pertaining to our main event coverage.

Whilst creating the template is easy the adding of images required a thorough consent process from those used along with parental consent also. This was bad enough using local individuals, whom we know through club coverage, so I have devised an image consent form. If we see an image that we feel could be used on such a platform I will offer a 25% discount on a purchased image in exchange for the image right to be signed away. I may own the copyright etc etc however the vast majority of the subjects in gymnastics are under 16. Whilst the BGA were not overly fussed I think the parents consent makes sense for such items.

So first out of the bag is the trampolining stand. Gymnastics, swimming and general event ones yet to be created.