FMP Shoot date change and finally used my NUS Card.

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Received a call earlier today from one of my models who managed to scald herself with boiling water at work yesterday. Her whole right arm is now bandaged after a water boiler incident, in the hotel kitchen, where she works. Now on sick she will be unable to wear the outfits being designed for the shoot and definitely not be able to dip her arms into paint as I wanted. Obviously the risk of infection negates this and being responsible about H&S is paramount.

Before I had time to wish her well she bursts out that she has found a replacement model but who can only do the 12th. Several calls later and everyone has agreed to move the date to the 12th April. Great to have such a small, yet dedicated team, all wanting to maximise the rewards available from such a shoot. We will not start until about 3pm as the hairdresser is at work until 1pm but she is confident that this will not hold up proceedings.

NUS Card.

Actually used my NUS card this morning for the most unusual of purposes. I needed to expand the base for my FMP cube project and the wood I had allocated for the job was not up to spec in the end. I called a local pallet company and they sell them in a variety of sizes which suited me fine for transporting in the car. I got there and was shown a selection they had prepared to cover the Sq Meters I required which would also fit into my car. The manager asked me what I wanted them for and I explained their proposed purpose . He asked a few more questions regarding photography and then asked if I could prove I was genuinely a student. Showed him my NUS card, he gave me 4 pallets free, wished me luck and delivered them within the hour to my home. Top chap 🙂


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