FMP Cube started.

Posted: April 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

A brief restart after deciding to raise the cube off the floor to enable the creation of an external frame. Just for those who have had difficulty visualising what I’m actually doing this is the first step completed again.

1. The 4 pallets in place. Though they cover too larger an area this is deliberate so that bracing to the rear and what will be the ‘open’ side can be installed. This will save me from needing to fasten things to the floor and damaging it.

2. The first 6×5 sheet in place.

3. The first triangle of 4, for creating the infinity effect, in place. This is simply braced from behind with a piece of wood screwed to the pallets.

4. Boom arm holding light unit fitted with snoot placed in position. Needed to make sure this fitted behind the cube with room for manoeuvre and adjustment before continuing with the build. The light is to create a rim light to the models when they are in the cube. It will also assist with lighting the internal body of the cube.



3rd April 

Full day continuing the preparation of the individual parts needed to create the cube. All 4 sides and rear infinity triangles cut and joined with hinges, front face frame wood cut and side supports cut.

Decoration tomorrow with initial trial assembly planned for Sunday. This gives me a full week to resolve any problems before the shoot.

ContactSheet-002 web

1. Two of the side supports. Other two shown in the inset.

2. Third and fourth panels with infinity triangles attached.

3. Base and one side panel all ready with pile of cut board to be used for framing the cube.

4. Some of the other tools though the hoover is now full of wood shavings from all the cutting today.


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