FMP Shoot date confirmed.

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

An interim meeting was held this evening with MUA, Hairdresser, Models and Myself in attendance to finalise colours, design and shoot timings. We have agreed on the date of Sunday 13th April for the shoot. This gives us a whole day, from 11am, in the studio to develop and create the 3 image series that I have decided upon. I envisage the whole process to take roughly 6 hours in total so I have agreed to provide lunch as i did with the location shoot recently. The simple supply of sandwiches, nibbles and liquids helps keep a working team happy.

Difficult to describe here what I have now developed this into but the final images will contain more than just what is apparent to the forefront of the image within the ‘cube of abstraction’.

Paint is now also on the list of things to be included as additional prop layering to the final image. This will be only introduced once I am sufficiently happy that at least 3 images of exceptional quality have been captured as potential final images. My continual development of the images from the initial idea to now having multi coloured paint dripping from the models has been, at times, interesting to say the least. The crossover of the 3 primary colours within the images may or may not work so caution to not over use will be paramount.

Outfits are being made from spandex and will allow the head, hands and feet to remain on show. I feel this will give the image primary focal points to the viewer before allowing the eye to wander further into the image.

All of us are allergy free from the spandex, talc, grease and paint being used so no issues there either. One model who normally works a Sunday has taken the day off as unpaid leave, such is her excitement at being part of this shoot and the images it should create.

The next meeting will be held the weekend before the shoot. This is so that the relevant individuals including myself can provide proof of readiness for the shoot. I have plenty of time to construct the cube and the designer time to create the outfits so things should be fine as with the studio location shoot. Hair and MUA simply need relevant colour coordinating items to be purchased.

Updates will continue if relevant 🙂


Minor Edit – 

This is the swatch of fabric colours being used. Bright, vibrant, just what I wanted and as expected from the designer.




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