Specialist Studio Shoot.

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thoroughly rewarding day out shooting with some very talented people. Everyone delivered, as promised, and the whole shoot was not only flawless in execution but fun too. From shooting in the near darkness of the blitz, having a public audience within the final set, enjoying the Q&A’s being fielded by the public, including “Why won’t my camera work in here ?” and the many fun moments had too.

Learn’t a lot about the limitations of using battery packs which in turn enhanced my creativity in lighting the sets. I also decided to push my technical and artistic knowledge to their limits by only using my 50mm prime for the whole shoot. I had brought my 24-70mm as a failsafe for versatility but wanted to complete the whole shoot via 50mm only. I did it all on 50mm.

A quick one of the models, stylist/MUA and designer about half way through.


And one of me working away. The art of positioning and securing the reflector had become so easy by this point.



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