1 Second exposure.

Posted: March 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Popped out this morning with the intention of capturing something different for the 1 second exposure image. I had the idea of mechanical motion but couldn’t decide on bike, car, lorry or train etc. With all this in mind I set off on a walk alongside the railway lines near Brough. The bright spring sunshine didn’t help matters with an exposure of 1 second but having found a suitable position I metered up and then popped in my Lee 10 Stop filter. Camera was on a tripod with remote trigger attached with myself just sat on the embankment waiting for a train. Captured 3 in rather quick succession and had a few images which I liked.

I composed the image using the available leading lines, foreground, mid ground, horizon and used the signal box and signal gantry to assist in explaining what people were looking at.

The train in question is a twin coach passenger train. I did capture a very long freight train but the image appeared cut in half where the 2 carriage left plenty of mid ground image remaining.


1 sec, f3.5, 53mm and ISO 100

This image was the much longer freight train that I captured.



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