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FMP Shoot date confirmed.

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An interim meeting was held this evening with MUA, Hairdresser, Models and Myself in attendance to finalise colours, design and shoot timings. We have agreed on the date of Sunday 13th April for the shoot. This gives us a whole day, from 11am, in the studio to develop and create the 3 image series that I have decided upon. I envisage the whole process to take roughly 6 hours in total so I have agreed to provide lunch as i did with the location shoot recently. The simple supply of sandwiches, nibbles and liquids helps keep a working team happy.

Difficult to describe here what I have now developed this into but the final images will contain more than just what is apparent to the forefront of the image within the ‘cube of abstraction’.

Paint is now also on the list of things to be included as additional prop layering to the final image. This will be only introduced once I am sufficiently happy that at least 3 images of exceptional quality have been captured as potential final images. My continual development of the images from the initial idea to now having multi coloured paint dripping from the models has been, at times, interesting to say the least. The crossover of the 3 primary colours within the images may or may not work so caution to not over use will be paramount.

Outfits are being made from spandex and will allow the head, hands and feet to remain on show. I feel this will give the image primary focal points to the viewer before allowing the eye to wander further into the image.

All of us are allergy free from the spandex, talc, grease and paint being used so no issues there either. One model who normally works a Sunday has taken the day off as unpaid leave, such is her excitement at being part of this shoot and the images it should create.

The next meeting will be held the weekend before the shoot. This is so that the relevant individuals including myself can provide proof of readiness for the shoot. I have plenty of time to construct the cube and the designer time to create the outfits so things should be fine as with the studio location shoot. Hair and MUA simply need relevant colour coordinating items to be purchased.

Updates will continue if relevant 🙂


Minor Edit – 

This is the swatch of fabric colours being used. Bright, vibrant, just what I wanted and as expected from the designer.



Specialist Studio Shoot.

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Thoroughly rewarding day out shooting with some very talented people. Everyone delivered, as promised, and the whole shoot was not only flawless in execution but fun too. From shooting in the near darkness of the blitz, having a public audience within the final set, enjoying the Q&A’s being fielded by the public, including “Why won’t my camera work in here ?” and the many fun moments had too.

Learn’t a lot about the limitations of using battery packs which in turn enhanced my creativity in lighting the sets. I also decided to push my technical and artistic knowledge to their limits by only using my 50mm prime for the whole shoot. I had brought my 24-70mm as a failsafe for versatility but wanted to complete the whole shoot via 50mm only. I did it all on 50mm.

A quick one of the models, stylist/MUA and designer about half way through.


And one of me working away. The art of positioning and securing the reflector had become so easy by this point.


Before people decide that the image I have taken for this is a negative one please realise this image is only one, of potentially many, that sum up Hull to me. This image does not represent what I see of, believe in or love about Hull.

Hull is a city full of culture and heritage and whilst still struggling from economic forces beyond it’s control is one to be proud of. This is where my “Sums up” image becomes personal to me and why I chose it. Literally anywhere you walk, within the city centre, you will find the pavements covered in an assortment of cigarettes, chewing gum and other assorted litter. This is something that I have often thought sums up the minority of mindless idiots who will moan when they can’t have things their own way or be denied something which makes their lives better yet happy to just drop cigarette tabs or flavourless chewing gum to the floor. Individuals who will probably moan about the state of Hull yet contribute to the issue of litter on a regular basis. Sadly this is all too prevalent throughout the UK in general.

Where did I get my picture of this litter ? Right outside the HSAD main doors. As I approached HSAD this morning two young ladies in front of me were smoking and simply tossed their butts to the floor as they opened the outer door. As I left just before lunch there was a lecturer finishing his cigarette whom also simply discarded it to the floor. What better place could I take this image than somewhere that, some, people obviously have no respect for including students or tutors. I actually took a long look and just wondered what any potential student walking up the ramp would think will all the tab ends lining the wall. What worried me further was all the tutors including the Dean of HSAD walk in and out of the same doors every day. As the initial impression of the school it doesn’t say much about the attitude of what goes on inside. You may disagree with this but if you saw a B&B with an overgrown garden, dirty curtains & in need of painting would you be knocking on the door asking if there was room….no you wouldn’t.

Anyway here it is, my “Cig’ butts & chewy” masterpiece taken about 3 feet from the main doors of the HSAD building………horrendous.


Technicals 100mm, f/8, 1/80th and ISO 100


1 Second exposure.

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Popped out this morning with the intention of capturing something different for the 1 second exposure image. I had the idea of mechanical motion but couldn’t decide on bike, car, lorry or train etc. With all this in mind I set off on a walk alongside the railway lines near Brough. The bright spring sunshine didn’t help matters with an exposure of 1 second but having found a suitable position I metered up and then popped in my Lee 10 Stop filter. Camera was on a tripod with remote trigger attached with myself just sat on the embankment waiting for a train. Captured 3 in rather quick succession and had a few images which I liked.

I composed the image using the available leading lines, foreground, mid ground, horizon and used the signal box and signal gantry to assist in explaining what people were looking at.

The train in question is a twin coach passenger train. I did capture a very long freight train but the image appeared cut in half where the 2 carriage left plenty of mid ground image remaining.


1 sec, f3.5, 53mm and ISO 100

This image was the much longer freight train that I captured.


4 Second exposure.

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Trip out today with the daughter and managed to grab a few images on our travels. This was the result of a 4 second exposure utilising a Lee 10 Stop filter combined with a Lee 0.6 Soft grad angled to cover the sky. Taken at Flamborough Head with the tide nicely out.


Just a quick idea on roughly how the grad was angled.


Starting to quite like the challenge of a good landscape image so investing in further Lee filters is now on the list of things to do.

Oh and here is my daughter who quite likes her image being shown on my blog. Just been told off for only showing the landscapes LOL


One to watch.

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Read this article today and wonder what the business plan is behind it. Are they saying some images no longer have any monetary value or just widening the “Getty” name to potential new customers with offerings of free quality images ?

I’m sure things will become more apparent sooner rather than later.

Finally completed the last of my booked portraits and now have a three week gap to construct and shoot my final major idea.

Whilst in the studio I wanted to test one of the proposed, FM, suits to see how it contrasted against the same coloured background. Though the final set will incorporate black and white stripes this gave a good interpretation of what can be expected.

It could also pass as light figure on a dark background or vice versa.