Light figure against dark background or 4 second exposure ?

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Back into the studio this morning with an idea that could qualify for 2 of the required parts of this SA2. I just need to decide which to place it in.

My initial idea was to complete the “Light figure on a dark background” segment. Using a plasma ball I began playing about with various shutter speeds and apertures which gave some nice effects. I then began adding further light, firstly with hand held LED’s and then LED’s swung on varying lengths of string. Mixed with the differing shutter speeds this gave several differing effects with the same light.

I finally got an image, which I was happy with, which just also happened to have an exposure time of 4 seconds so making it eligible for the exposures segment too.

Here is a quick contact sheet showing the development of the idea, those that looked good and those which were wiped out by the strength of the LED lighting.

The plasma sphere was placed onto a stool against my studios black background. 5Diii situated on tripod with external remote trigger/timer attached.



And the final image below. The additional light swirls were added by the LED light being swung on a length of string around the sphere.



Technicals 100mm macro, 4 sec, f/4 and ISO 100.


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