5 Min Long Exposure Candidate.

Posted: February 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

As planned I returned to the studio today, with my family, to attempt a rather different 5 minute long exposure image. I had decided that the random red light trails were a little annoying and I was now going to spell out the word “Fear” with the light instead. This would also be flashing so the word “FEAR” was not so obvious. I also decided to omit the multi-coloured LED fairy wand as the earlier images looked just too busy. I had also decided to mix the lighting between the LED and flash. If you look carefully it is layered top to bottom in 3 layers, flash, painting, & flash.

We rehearsed the whole process a couple of times and came in around the 4 min 50 sec on both occasions. Movements and process were methodical and done with care with only 2 small LED’s marking the outer of the frame on the studio floor for positioning purposes. The process was I wrote FEAR with flashing bike light, I then wrote Paul David Photography with single LED, then family standing left of centre & standing right of centre being light painted with LED, kneeling right of centre then left of centre lit with flash, daughter with skull seated lit with flash, me standing with skull lit by son with flash then myself with random red face lit with bike light whilst standing on a chair.

As a single exposure image I am extremely happy with this as something totally different to the usual long exposure production. Our year tutor has posted this comment during the week –

“Finally, apart from the ‘copy’ challenges, many images are so lacking in originality, creativity and the slightest hint of imagination that I am constantly falling asleep with boredom and hitting my head on the desk. This hurts. Please read the brief:

Hopefully this image will save his head from the alleged self abuse.

The lighting tools for the image are shown below along with the skull. Additionally a remote timing trigger was attached to my 5Diii to ensure the 300 second exposure.



The development process


And potentially my final image for the 5 minute exposure in SA2.


Technicals – 300 Sec, f/8, 47mm and ISO 100


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