Whitby long exposures.

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

A trip to Whitby gave me an excellent opportunity to potentially get some of the long exposure images required for my “Short Assignments 2”. Packed my tripod, ND filters and off we went.

Managed to get a few of reasonable images that I liked. The actual taking of the images is not exactly rocket science and indeed rather simple after a few years of trying. Calculating the additional exposure time for the strength of filter, f/stop and ISO is made even easier as most manufacturers now include charts, with the potential exposure conversions on, within the kit. The difficulty I find is choosing an actual scene which suits a long exposure. Water is the obvious choice for me as I just love the look given with such an exposure.

I ended up taking one from the top of the cliff overlooking the harbour wall. This resulted in giving the image being split by the wall. One side busy being battered by the heavy swell of the sea to the relative calmness of the harbour itself.

Some ghosting can be seen on the wall where people were walking about yet amazingly my kids stood still for the duration of this image being taken. The chap in front of them was moving slightly when a few potential big waves threatened him.


The technicals are 30mm, f/9, 30 sec & ISO 100.

All images are taken using a 10 stop Neutral Density filter unless stated.

The following images were taken from around the area where my kids were standing on the first image.


This was a 2 min exposure, f/10, 30mm and ISO 100


This was 6.5 sec, f/2.8, 30mm and ISO 100

This final image would possibly be one that I may use for my final five in the short assignments.

Moving across a little I used the walkway entering the sea to guide the eye into the scene. I also liked the cloud effects and direction of them which is always something to consider when long exposing with a large sky.


A 1 minute exposure, f/10, 24mm and ISO 100


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