Aysgarth Long Exposures.

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Continuing with my water theme, for the long exposure task, we had a family trip out to Aysgarth Falls today. We visited the upper, middle and lower falls and I took long exposures at all of them. Today however I concentrated on the specific timings, as per the task, for the images. The river and falls were very swollen and extremely dangerous. I have visited before in the summer when they are lower which gives many more opportunities for locating the trust tripod without fear of you and all your equipment being swept away to serious injury or untimely death. Common sense stated things would be conducted from a more than safe distance.

Firstly from the upper falls came this image. Though I would have liked to have been lower and, thus closer, to the water the state of the bank dictated otherwise. Yes I could have got down there but the water was running at the ledge height and no image is worth dying for.



30 Seconds, 24mm, f/7.1 and ISO 100 using 10 stop ND filter.

The middle falls were a little more complex to shoot owing to the limited space given on the embankment. I therefore decided to utilise the steps, down to the viewing point, as part of the image composition. The encroachment of the trees with the path leading down down to the platform, in my opinion, give an excellent leading line into the actual falls.



60 seconds, 35mm, f/5 and ISO 100

The final image comes from the lower falls. Only one way to shoot these and thats to get down onto the actual rocks at the side of the falls. Damp and covered in slime algae this was one trip I made alone. I assessed the situation and made the decision to shoot where my family could still see me. Whilst this was not potentially the best vantage point it was indeed the safest.


300 second exposure, f/16, 41mm and ISO 100.

Planned trips out over the next few days will see more long exposures with water but also some seriously different night work.


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