Sherlock Image.

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

So here below is my version of the Shelock image we were asked to copy.

The basic criteria of copying the image was to use a maximum of two lights. The lighting was very hard and so I used 2 x 60° reflectors to mimic this. The original image actor had a superb nose for the Rembrandt effect. I was unable to find such a nose so my Dad bravely stepped up for the challenge.

My Dad was also able to provide the overcoat and hat, once we were told the heavy tweed effect hat and coat in the original did not need to be used, which certainly helped.

I set the lighting up to create, as near as possible, the rembrandt effect and the lighting to the rear of the subject. I mixed 20° & 30° honeycombs with subtle height adjustments of the heads until the lighting was as I liked. Unfortunately my Dads coat collar was not as deep as the copy image and so I had light leak onto his ear, unlike the copy. This also caused light spill between the back of his head and the spot on the cheek which the collar, on the original, obliterated with its size.

The hand and pipe were then adjusted to give the illuminated back of the hand whilst maintaining some rim light outline on the pipe.

Overall I’m happy with the outcome though having a truly massive collared tweed coat, roll brim tweed hat and a model with a straight pointed nose may have made things more akin to the original.

No cropping whatsoever and just a B&W conversion via Greyscale.



50mm, f/8, 1/125th and ISO 100. 2 x Bowens 750 Pro lights used.


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