Back to normality ?

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well for a few weeks anyway….

A final weekend of pre-booked family portraits so that my studio is now booking free until March. This time will be used to construct the set I have planned, which owing to it’s size is semi-permanent, for my final major images due in May. Amazingly I took a studio booking for March over the weekend with the 4 week wait no problem for the client.

A mammoth weekend of event photography completed too with two major schools events in gymnastics and trampolining. My approach and execution and coverage of these events is now well polished and the results speak for themselves. I sold a total of 181 images over the two days and had over 40 emails requesting images from parents unable to travel to the event on the respective dates. I now have 4 weeks until the next major comp’ with a minor gradings event in 2 weeks time so time to recover 😉

The downside is muscle fatigue. My camera, grip & lens used for events rocks in at a near 3Kg which I am holding for several hours, non stop, taking images. For short afternoon events, as per Saturday, this isn’t a great problem but covering a 4 class trampolining competition with 6 beds as on Sunday for nearly 8 hours certainly takes it’s toll physically.

Doing nothing today but I plan to start construction of my set tomorrow which I am seriously looking forward to. Out with the designer again this Thursday to agree on fabric and then things will certainly get moving.

Thought I’d pop a typical contact sheet of event images on. This particular set come from Sunday’s competition. Love this profession 🙂



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