Location Visits

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

I had planned to get some, or all, of my long exposures completed today for the short assignment task but as the weather was so poor today I decided to take out my designer to the 2 sites we have been granted permission to shoot at. Great to meet the people, on site, I had spoken to on the phone and had a fabulous time touring both sites for suitable locations.

A really good vibe from both sites about what we are doing in the way that we are proposing on integrating some of their exhibits with the fashion. All willing to assist where necessary or required which was very good of them too.

We have identified 4 sets at each site for shoots from which the models, MUA, designer & hairdresser will get excellent portfolio images and I should be able to select 3 for my module.

Took plenty of images as we toured both sites so ideas can continue to be developed. This also helps me consider my lighting options and camera location in advance of the shoot.

This first image was within Eden Camp and is one of the 4 locations chosen.


And this greeted us on our arrival at the York Air Museum. Plenty inside to shoot, which was, but I have a soft spot for a few of the planes that helped secure the freedom we all enjoy today. One of those is the Hawker Hurricane.



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