Specialist Studio & Final Major Meeting

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Present – Myself, Fashion Designer, Hairdresser, MUA & three models.

Had an excellent meeting today with final decisions being made on several points for the 2 shoots. All ideas for the outfits were laid out and everyone was encouraged to input with both positive and negative, valid, points. From the 16 initial design drawings we quickly brought this down to a final 4 which people felt were achievable at all levels.

I then created a timeline of production for both shoots. Everyone agreed with this timeline and their ability to produce the required work as agreed including models available on 3 specific days. This also gives me a 2 week window to create the “Cube” set in my studio. I have stipulated this spread, of dates, to accommodate an outdoor shoot as the fashion designer would like to use paint along with fabric as part of the outfits. All looks exciting so I hope she gets the opportunity to shine with her creative ideas.

All the required timber for the ‘Major’ is being delivered this Wednesday so it is ready for when my pre-booked family shoots have been completed.

As one shoot is location based I have 2 businesses to call in the morning with requests to shoot. If these requests fail in gaining permission then an alternative location has already been agreed.


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