White Cup Image

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

So today I thought about the white cup. Being informed as a group that no student has ever copied the image is in no way encouraging but I was determined to at least have a good try at it. Studying the image it would appear that this is one of the old style white plastic cups that were so much thicker than its modern version. The old version could and would cut you if you squeezed and split it wrongly. The old version also sprang almost entirely back into it’s original shape after being crushed also, again something the new flimsy thin version doesn’t do.

So for lighting we were told a maximum of two lights allowed, a rather key part missing from the issued brief which just showed a photo of a plastic cup.

As these cups are virtually see through in ambient daylight I set about firstly isolating light to get the shadow in the ribs and around the rim. I used barn doors, snoot, slit paper and pin hole through black card in an effort to control the light. Once I had a similar lighting effect, to the copy image, I set about the background. This was simply a floor light 2 stops above the key light over the cup. I don’t have a product table and don’t want one either, as I have no interest in product photography, so I had the obvious line in my image from foreground to background. Some tinkering with the lights all but eradicated this but not completely. You may also notice that in one image the cup looks much darker. This was were I filled it with milk in an attempt to block light in the hope of accentuating the rib shadows. It didn’t work either as with the cups being so thin the off white of the milk overpowered the plastic.

Spent about an hour in total messing about with this. Though my current image is far from the image we were given I doubt that a second attempt will be considered unless I am well ahead on my main module images for April and May respectively. Should I come across one of the old style, thick plastic, cups then I will of course re-shoot.

Here is a contact sheet showing some of the development in lighting as I altered the modifiers and angles building up to the final image. You can clearly see that the final image was with an alternative lens to all the others and a bit of WB adjustment too.


And here is my current final image for the white cup.



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