Major Assignment Development Update

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’ve have spoken with my fashion designer for this project and she is well on with some advanced ideas from the initial conversation we had at the end of last year. I’ll be popping up to see her this week hopefully as yet again we are barely in for tutorials at Uni.

Sadly I can’t start building the set yet as I have some family portraits to fulfil before I can technically place the studio on hold. I do however have the plans, fashion, models, assistants & enthusiasm ready for this with just the wood, patterns & paint to purchase.

The set will be 5ft x 5ft x 8ft deep and as such a permanent fixture until the shoot is completed. As a consequence the planning has been organised to include the finishing of the structure to shoot time being an absolute minimum.

I have also contacted Phase One with a request that I may trial/borrow a few items of equipment for this shoot. I have simply, or brazenly, requested a 645DF+, IQ2 Digital Back and a suitable portrait lens describing, in full, my ideas, thoughts & proposed results. The new IQ2 backs are wifi enabled and so gone is the horrendous tethering issue associated with the old backs. Being a student I’m certainly not holding my breath about this but if you don’t ask………. 😉

Just sat waiting for this weekends gradings to start in anticipation of the national schools competition I am also covering in February. Today is just to see where newcomers and step-ups are to be placed in capability groups so not too many. Thankfully there is free wi-fi here 😉 There are 420 entrants booked in for February which should keep me busy for a while.

Edit – 24th Jan 2014

Dry run with model completed for measurement of cube. Size has been increased to 5.5ft x 5.5ft x 8ft to allow for more scope with posing and content. This still leaves ample room as the ceiling is 9ft with the width of the studio at just over 5m. With the measurements complete the wood for the shoot has been purchased along with assembly brackets and first image lining paper.

The 2 images below firstly show the boom arm in position as it will be for the final shoot. This was placed to ensure that once the structure has been erected that there is enough room for movement and servicing to the rear along. This was also essential so that measurements could be taken to ensure enough room remaining at the front to actually shoot the proposed images. I have about a 4ft window of flexibility to operate in with the camera. Tight but more than enough.

The second image shows the 90 degree fasteners and hinges which will be used in the erection process. There are also examples of the lining paper for the cube. Things are certainly moving along nicely.

A few design tweaks on several of the outfits have also been addressed. Final designs will be shown to me this Sunday and decisions made on those we will be going with on the shoots.



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