Main Module side task.

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

With our main submissions for the semester (Due April & May) we have again been given a side project, as with the “Interpretations 1” and “Typologies”, to keep us occupied.

This rest of this entry is simply a copy of the one to be found in “Short Assignments 2”


Another semester with another set of short image challenges to accompany our main modules.

6 sets of images of which some are specific, to be copied, and some for which we have total creative control.

The actual brief states – Short assignments
This is not about DOING these assignments – of course you can… it is about doing them with  IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY and PROFESSIONALISM. Every image should be a portfolio image. 
I am completely bemused by the comment that they should all be a portfolio image. Why anyone would want someone smoking as a portfolio image with smoking being so ostracised as unsocial and unhealthy these days eludes me.

We then move onto the actual images required which is a total of eleven.

They are –

1. Take 5 pictures with shutter speeds of 1s , 4s, 30s, 1min, 5 min
2. Dark figure against light background, light figure against dark background
3. A decisive moment
4. White cup challenge (see blog)
5. Sherlock challenge (see blog)
6. Take one photo that sums up the city of Hull to you

These short assignments should be handed in, in any order, at a set criteria of dates. I can only assume that “handed in” refers to publishing on this blog as it’s the blog our tutor is looking at and there is no reference to prints being required. This continuing ambiguity at degree level continues to annoy me with poorly worded task sheets.

Quote “Assignments (in any order) to be handed in:

31st Jan, 14th Feb, 28th Feb, 14th March, 28th March, 11th April (Or before)

To be uploaded  to your blog (page titled ‘short assignments 2’)
Assessment: this assignment will account for 10% of both SSP and Major projects.”

I just love the fact that this assignment will account for 10% of both my SSP and Major Projects for this semester. 2 of the images are just copying other images which in our tutors own words today “Nobody has ever managed”. Yes one is just a plastic cup so at least we have a fighting chance of getting near to replicating a similar image. As for the second I have already asked about for people who may have the old style tweed coat and trilby. As can possibly be guessed nobody I know has either. With the choice of using a cheap plastic smoking pipe or spending £100+ on an authentic replica for the image I can see this image is losing me marks already. Seems we are deliberately set up to fail at certain things which is most un amusing.

The images we are to copy –

Rathbone As Holmes

And the plastic “cup” –


Obviously I will keep this updated as and when my own personal time allows. Great to see we are already into individual tutorials rather than lectures NOT so I have another day off tomorrow with money wasted on childcare AGAIN as I’m not one of those in. On a positive note I’m off to show the happy couple the Xmas wedding photo’s tomorrow afternoon so at least I can get up there early.


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