Xmas Period

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Not aware wether we are to continue posting our stuff on here so I’ll pop a Xmas update on and ask when next in.

Finished the last week of the semester with a couple of portrait shoots. One family and one Adult. The family one was extreme fun as there were 3 daughters aged 7,9 & 11 who had a whole selection of ideas for poses they wanted taking. Considering it was a rush job for Xmas presents everything went well with printing and mounting all the images they purchased.

Nothing much to say about the images as they wanted high key with typical stock family pose followed by several of the girls, on their own, in poses they had devised.

50mm, 1/125th, f/8 & ISO 100


The Adult session was for one of the young ladies I know to produce a sultry Xmas image for her partner. I’ve now done several shoots with her and so everything was rather simple in what she wanted to show and not to show. Wearing nothing but a very nice faux fur coat and hat this was done low key and actually left in colour for a change. This was nice as it showed the blending colours on the coat and hat. It saddens me that so many of these style images are simply converted to B&W as requested by the client.

No image to show for obvious reasons.

Next was the wedding rehearsal on 23/12/13 prior to the wedding on the 28/12/13. Shot in darkness at 7pm I basically learned the service procedure and vantage points but nothing about available light. Up near Scarborough it wasn’t the church or venue that bothered me but the weather. On the 28th the forecast was appalling but in the end it wasn’t that bad. The wedding itself started at 2pm, started late and over ran past 3pm so as we exited the church the sun was already setting. Managed a couple of outdoor images with the happy couple but it was indoors for all the group photo’s. Thankfully there was a real fire in the function room which I utilised as a prop. The resulting images were a first for me, with a live fire, but looked stunning. Something to look out for in the future.

Did a preview of images with the happy couple at the weekend and they like the “arty” style of the image below. This style of editing doesn’t suit every image though and the customer does need an explanation of why. Some images just need to be full colour for the complete experience to be felt whilst the odd one or two can be subjectively altered such as the one below.

Have to admit that this one does look good enlarged.



Finally had my preview showing of my concert images and resulting Photo Book from the 2 dates with Toby. He was impressed with not only my images but the way in which I had presented them. Just hope he will sign the book for me one day as he’s promised to do.

I took in excess of 1000 images over the two nights. I processed just over 350 for Toby as Jpegs and used 94 of these to compile the Photo book for the Uni Module.

One of my favourite images from the 2 nights is below. Toby & Dave had just completed a song, from Toby’s new album, which they nailed and were obviously pleased about. I caught the celebratory high hand shake which showed a very genuine side of both Toby & Dave working together.

125mm, f/2.8, 1/200th and ISO 6400




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