Nice bit of Bokeh

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Out again yesterday and last night documenting the solo artist Toby Jepson at the O2 Academy Arena in Sheffield. An extremely busy few hours, 2pm-1am, documenting his typical on tour day from arrival to leaving. This was originally set up as a mutually beneficial event where Toby got a Photo Diary of the day and I potentially got my Uni photo essay module completed. It ended up though with introductions to UK promoters for the O2 group AMG and Toby’s management company with potential further concert coverage next year if my images make the grade. A quick pre planned preview for his manager at the end of the evening generated extremely positive feedback on the RAW unedited images so care on the edits is crucial.

Discretion and professionalism was the key factor of the day as management companies are increasingly frustrated at some “official” photographers who disregard requests not to post hi-res or un watermarked images onto the WWW. This in turn messes up the control of image rights and other money spinning opportunities available to the artist.

I did receive authorisation that the following image could be used on this blog and my FB page as a potential Bokeh image for the interpretations module. 

Taken handheld with my 5D, 50mm, f/1.2, 1/125th and ISO 5000 in near darkness. Focus is on the near side corner to cover the illuminated lettering with a nice graduated Bokeh effect achieved along the console.



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