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Posted: December 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Just realised with all the event work I have been doing over the last few weeks that this blog has been a little neglected. In this time I have worked every Sat/Sun covering local and regional gymnastics events. These are long days and also involve the help of my family to process and print images for customers during the events. Getting to Sheffield, Doncaster or York for 8am to set up and be ready for competition to start at 9am and then shoot constantly until 4pm is hard work but rewarding for the comments of appreciation from competitors and their families at the quality of my images. The next few days are spent sorting/processing all the images, placing onto thumbnails and then distributing, via organisers, to respective clubs for retrospective purchases of images.

Last Sundays “Festive Festival of Gymnastics” was an absolute hoot and great to see some 300 kids all festivaly dressed up for one off club displays. To have my usual all access to the floor was an absolute pleasure.

A typical day such as this will generate about 800-1000 images. I await Canon’s production of a camera that can take several images in all directions at the same time for such events. Seriously it’s about getting my settings correct at the set up stage and then spending most of the day looking through the viewfinder to capture appropriate quality images. The normal gymnastics events are much easier and the shutter count is reduced as I quickly learn the routines being done and shoot at a time which makes the competitor look superb. As the parents can’t get anywhere near the floor this gives me a unique selling angle with full frame, quality images of their child unlike the distant spec they get on phones and compacts.

A most outrageous moment was at the Level 7 meet a couple of weeks ago when a parent approached me via the floor steward. I was summoned over to be asked if I would use her compact to shoot her child as she didn’t want to pay for an image by me. before she had even finished the floor steward was ushering her away. The sheer cheek of some people. She did buy an image of her daughter at the end whilst muttering away about spectator restrictions.

Below is a typical set of thumbnail sheets that are emailed out to clubs after the events. Running with three CF cards gives me the ability to shoot one apparatus or routine and then pass the card to my son for processing. I then start shooting the next routine and then hand that one in. The 3rd CF card is for when things get a little too quick and my son has not had time to download the previous CF card. All cards/routines are loaded into individual folders which helps not only on the day but when I process the thumbnails for emailing out. All files are duplicated between two laptops, one for parents to view images on and one for processing/printing. Thumbnail sheets are also printed and stuck to the wall behind us for parents to find potential images first.  Spending a little time and effort sorting them out on the day certainly helps in a big was as sorting the routines and clubs out after the event is a nightmare, which I know from my first event.

Sundays Festive Festival Event thumbnails for clubs is below.



This weekend is our last of the year with a Level 7 Gymnastics event on Saturday and East Yorkshire Schools Trampolining on Sunday. Once out of the way I can finally get some of my Uni work finalised as our next event is Feb 2014.

Saying that I am out at the 02 in Sheffield today from lunch to hopefully capture enough quality images for my photo essay with a backup plan for this on Monday next week at a second venue.

Portraits this Friday afternoon of a seamstress with her equipment and a booking next week for yet another BDSM shoot, with a xmas feel !!! should keep me on my toes for completing my Uni stuff.



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