Posted: November 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Thinking about my final images I gave food a quick try today. This was one of the first I completed and probably the best for it’s simplicity.

Kept this one clean and simple without any additional dressing. I also decided to have the serving plate exceed the frame to allow the product more image space. Having looked at a lot of food images over the last few weeks I don’t personally like what I see as food lost on a table, plate, plinth or chopping board etc etc.

I therefore decided to use my 100mm macro, got up close and personal with lighting and metered for an f/32 aperture. With this aperture achieved and the whole product in focus I took several images with the cake on its own, the cream pourer and also with an additional cake fork in the image. I preferred the one with the cream pourer but didn’t like the white background. In came a yellow gel and I gently illuminated the background subtly enough to match the yellowy orange of the cheesecake itself.

I have some brandy snap cheesecake to try in the morning.


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