Rush Hour

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Another daily grind of getting into town for a tutorial. The Humber Bridge toll works are just causing havoc since starting with the A63 and associated link roads. Add that to a blustery wet morning and things just become grid locked. Sat in my car, a short distance from the humber bridge, I decided to liberate my camera from the boot and see if a suitable image could be sought. Owing to the rain and wind I was not prepared to stand outside my vehicle so the following image was taken through the front windscreen. Compositionally I liked the flow of the road and traffic flowing away from me with the also stationary bridge traffic cutting across the image in stark contrast. I also felt the rigid upright of the bridge tower and the steel cables added to this. With the rain, wet conditions, dull grey sky and trail of brake lights this quick snap shot says so much about a typical morning commute for so many people.

So 70mm, 1/125th sec, F/10 and ISO 125.



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