Posted: October 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

A fun day photographing the local club championships today on behalf of the Hull High Fliers Club for whom I am the official photographer.

I decided to take 2 lenses with me for the event, namely my 24-70 2.8ii and 70-200 2.8 IS. This would give me a fully flexible approach to capturing images at different angles. With the younger competitors to 70-200 is the obvious choice as this enables me to stand well clear of the trampolines to discretely capture their moment. With the seniors confidence on the trampoline and their ability to ignore me being up close for a more dramatic angle the 24-70 is a wonderfully versatile lens. The images I got from the mat side are certainly the ones competitors and their family prefer. Many of these close images were around the 50mm mark and again I was wondering if a 50mm f/1.2 would have justified it’s cost allowing the extra light for speed with obvious ISO reduction.

The lighting at the Bonus Arena in Hull is atrocious at best. Several of the sodium lights were out as usual but as I couldn’t surround the mats with candles I had to make do with exceptionally high ISO’s. Anything under 1/500th when they are spinning just leaves a blur but a lower speed of 1/250th will catch someone in that moment of pause in an up/down moment. Deciding what speed to go with determined the images I sought at the time. Most were also caught at 1 stop over exposed owing to the lighting issues.

It’s the Yorkshire finals soon and I just hope the venue has fully operational lighting on the day to assist me in my mission.

On a positive note our club came out on top.

One of the seniors in full flight.


50mm, 1/500th, f/2.8 & ISO 12800.

And another senior.


57mm, 1/500th, f/2.8 & ISO 12800

And one final image which I just like for the symmetry. All very even and caught at just the right time at just the right angle.


One thing I did find was the use of a step ladder would have been useful. With the seniors and the height they execute their routines at, the capturing of the individual moves is relatively easy both close up and at distance. With the juniors however the operate at a much lower height and very close to the bed. As the beds are a good 5 foot off the floor and surrounded by padding of up to another foot in height at the bed ends capturing some of the under 9’s truly airborne was difficult. A simple 3 step A style ladder would have given me that little extra height for this purpose.


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