Took full advantage of the lull in the weather to develop the idea I have for this particular image. Created exactly what I wanted to yet upon returning home found my DoF, even at f/14, on the macro to have still left the signs out of focus. All I need to do then is increase my DoF and make sure that the signs remain on the same focal plane as the men and loo.

So this is nearly the image I wanted.

100mm Macro, 1/13th sec, f/14 and ISO 100.


And this is a wide shot in the roadworks just for scale purposes.


Back again later I think to make minor adjustments if the rain holds off.

Well I’ve popped back after lunch as the wind is increasing, the clouds darkening and all things weather wise not looking too favourable for Slinkachu shooting opportunities. With the weather forecast for the next several days being poor I felt that this needed to be done now.

Changed a couple of things with the set up and image content. Changed one of the figures which I felt better complimented the man with the jack hammer. Also decided to bring a few micro picks and shovels in to give the illusion of more workmen around though not actually in the image.

So the final image from this shoot I’m actually happy with.

Image details are 100mm Macro, 1/5th sec, f/20 and ISO 100.

My camera was sat on the floor with the lens supported, at the hood, by a small rock to allow the slow shutter speed.


And the overview image for scale purposes.



Ok so a few hours have passed and I think I actually prefer this image. f/25 rather than the f/20 of the previous picture I personally think it’s just a tad sharper all round. Anyway this gets the nod for me.



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