Got myself a boom arm for the studio today and decided to have a play. As usual I accost one of my family to suffer the indignity of sitting in the studio whilst I test new equipment out. I’d rather do this than have a paying customer posing for images sat watching me calculate exposure values and mutter about Inverse Square Law effects during their shoot. Took quite a few images though at one point in my “lets just try this….” thought and application process my daughter adopted a prayer position. I paused for a moment and then took the shot anyway. Thinking she was just bored and messing whilst I adjusted things I asked her what she was doing. Opening one eye and looking straight at me she replied “Praying for the people of the world to be safe”. Lost for words I gave her a hug.

The prayer image.


And a few of the others though they didn’t compress too well, for web, in PS or the reduction process for this 4 in 1 montage.



All the above images were taken with my new 24-70mm 2.8ii, at various focal lengths, 1/125th sec, ISO 100 and metered with a Sekonic L308s. Lighting was a mix of 3, 4 or 5 Bowens 750 Pro’s using beauty dish, brollies, soft boxes, 60 deg reflectors and honeycombs. Various lighting setups were used to simply see what permutations of lighting could be used with which modifier to achieve different results. Some were truly awful, some ok and a few I actually liked. I still find it beneficial to look at my first year studio stuff in a critical way which is not too difficult to do. What I thought was good is actually not that good at all. This does however warm me to the fact that I am actually learning something whilst doing my degree.

My daughter is off school today, as the teachers amazingly need a training day on the day before half term, so might convince her to get back in the studio and practice some hair/rim lighting. She has the most shiny blonde hair I have come across, in a studio setting, which represents a superb challenge in attaining the correct balance of light for her hair without blowing it out.


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