More eggs and a slinkachu or two.

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Finally got the white duck eggs today and went back into the studio. More time spent actually balancing the egg than actually taking the pictures. Simple 3 point lighting used but as a duck egg is smooth opposed to the far greater textured chicken egg the egg turned out as a white outline. Only underexposing the egg helped with this but then the egg wasn’t white so no point in that.

Three that I liked…..




Following the duck egg I moved onto my first Slinkachu shot and kept it simple with a chocolate marshmallow tea cake. Used this as an idea for scale and effect as my main image is destined to be in some roadworks if the weather will be nice for a change.

One was taken on the box and the other on one of my studio stools.



All these images were taken using a 100mm macro lens to aid in the clarity of such close up work.

A few funny ideas on the “red ball” but finding it difficult to source a large ball at a low price.


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