Eggs & Pencils

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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22nd Oct 2013

Had some time on my hands today so decided to give a couple of ideas a go. Firstly with an egg and cutlery. Ideally I wanted a white egg but after visiting Asda, Morrisons & Tesco it would appear I need a duck egg which non of them sell. Off to Waitrose if I decide to pursue this avenue as I was reliably informed you can get them there.

As these were simply “ideas” I didn’t go to town on the lighting and indeed decided to not light the face of the egg as I looked at it. Used 2 lights at opposing sides about 30 degrees to the rear. This obviously left a dark shadow to the front of the egg which I wanted to alter the depth of via lighting movement whilst still retaining some natural texture of the egg.

Decided to accompany the egg with a few forks. The first thing I noticed upon viewing the images is brand new forks should be used with a macro lens. Amazed at the scratches & damage to them.




Next came the coloured pencils¬†idea. Simple, effective and certainly with visual impact I quite like these. Not sure it’s good enough or indeed inventive enough for my final 6 interpretations yet my mind may change. Again with a macro lens the dust and minor anomalies of the pencils is clear to see. A bit of PS though would cure this quickly enough.




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