Matts Tutorial Task

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Bit of fun to round todays tutorial off. Everyone was given a hypothetical scenario for a publication and given 1 hour to achieve it. Mine was to produce 6 images containing people with water in the image.

Off through Queens Gardens I went, along Princess Quay and onto the Marina. Turned about and walked the reverse route. Captured several shots and presented these as my 6.







Sounds so simple yet several people, once they saw the camera, simply shied away, head down or looked away. One lady saw me taking pictures and actually avoided me by walking away and still looking back.

On the flip side of this the couple in image 2 asked if I had just taken a picture and were they blocking my view. Simply explained who I was, what I was doing and they had a good laugh about it.

Let’s see what next week brings….


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