The weekend Pt.2 (Assignment 1)

Posted: October 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Arranged to meet both my proposed fashion designer, make up artist & hairdresser today to set out my stall, vision & expectation of the studio images not only for this assignment but for my finals next year. 5 hours later, many sketches, ideas & cups of tea later I have two extremely happy people on board with me for this journey. We all benefit from this collaboration and a bit like the ISO Triangle if we get it right the images will be stunning.

Initial drawing’s will be produced at our second meeting in 3 weeks. We will also be conducting a dummy shoot for poses and style. This is so the designer can be sure the garments she will make are capable of the shoot demands. The MUA/hairdresser will be testing different formulas to see what works best under studio lighting for the required look. All this preparation is to decrease the time adjusting items on the day of shoots keeping things running to a schedule that is achievable.

The next 7 months will be a superb roller-coaster ride of creativity and production.


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