A quick tea out.

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Decided as a family to pop out for tea due to the lovely evening so off to Bridlington we went. Only took a few pictures because of the failing light and like a complete amateur I forgot to pack my flash…….Doh !!!

Two images from our few hours out stood out for me, possibly not for you the viewer, but I’m posting them anyway.

Image No.1 is the pleasure cruise boat “Yorkshire Belle” which has been operating out of Bridlington for many years. Full of memories from my childhood and also within the last 20 years with my wife just seeing it sat moored in the harbour, gently lit by the setting sun made me “want” the image. An odd draw you may think but irresistible to me.

I decided to leave the boat in plenty of room and gave the foreground to all the sea gulls in the harbour scavenging for visitors scraps. The harbour wall and boats moored to it giving the image a sense of depth and closure at the same time without the endless horizon sea image so often seen.


50mm – F/4 – 1/400th sec – ISO100

Image No.2 is simply of my daughter eating an ice-cream in a cafe we stopped for a coffee at. She was at it like a bull in a china shop, never noticed me with my camera until I focussed on her when she turned. Just her cheeky wry smile whilst unknowingly having ice-cream on her lips in her speedy effort to pose for me makes this a perfect candid shot. With all the posed family and client images I now undertake the more candid non posed image is, at this time, more appealing to me. I know the ice-cram is a little oof but it was the eagerness on her face I wanted. Got the grin instead.


50mm – F/4 – 1/50th sec – ISO 1250


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