Post No. 2

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well two new posts on one new bloggers blog by a virgin blogger all in one blog of a day. She sells sea shells……

Today had a  cultural element to it with a visit to the Ferens Art Gallery in Kingston Upon Hull. A brief overview to the artist Martin Creed and his current “Work” as he prefers it called followed by an hour or lively debate about his works and influences.

Would I have called Mr Creeds “Work” Art ? Absolutely not. Not even the whole exhibition had been done by himself but required curators/volunteers to recreate his vision of variable art in his name. A neon sign, bold black lines, painted block pyramids, coloured square sheets and a video of people deliberately vomiting is sadly lacking in thought IMO.

I had the thought, whilst sat on the exhibit room floor, of having a functioning door situated in a frame to the centre of the exhibit room. My own ART !!!!!!! Above it would be a neon sign. From one side it would say ENTER and from the other side EXIT. You could walk round it, you could walk through it either way but with Art like this I’d be through EXIT like a  7.6mm high velocity bullet on it’s way to a kill.

Now for the “debate” after the exhibition tour.  With the people who tabled it using the “like” word every few words of each sentence they spoke  I shall bite my lip and simply declare it uninteresting.



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