WTF …… I’m blogging now !!!

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well here I am tentatively entering the world of “Blogging” as part of my year two learning in Lens Based Photographic Media. Studying under the Leeds Met Uni at Hull College of HE.

Lonely hearts column bit – Male, mature, married, kids, happy & enjoying life.

Will this be interesting ?…..As a general overview to my learning I hope so.

Will this be informative ?…..If you know nothing about cameras,equipment or imaging undertaken in the learning environment of Higher Education then it could be. If you already know everything and have a misguided belief that everything you do is perfect then I guess not. Read the blog however as it may make you laugh occasionally.

Will this be an insight to my life in general ?…..No, so don’t get too exited about all this. Telling the world what I had for lunch with a phone image of said lunch will not be happening. Information into my learning, development, inspirations, ideas and the occasional image will however be appearing on a regular basis.


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